Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sambhavna Seth Commenting on Big Boss - Season 3

Sambhavna Seth Commenting on Big Boss - Season 3

Sambhavna Seth, called the 'Bhojpuri Helen', who shot to fame after participating in Big Boss season 2, Saturday said that she will marry a native of Varanasi.

Seth said this time it deserves a female winner.

'When I participated last year I felt suffocated as we were prisoners kept away from the world. Although Vindu Dara Singh and Raju Srivastav are my close friends, I pray for Poonam Dhillon to win this time,' Seth said.

'The earlier two seasons saw male contestants winning and the people of India should get out of this mental frame of mind and vote for Poonamji,' she added.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Big Boss 3: It’s a mad mad world

Big Boss 3: It’s a mad mad world

Yesterday we got to see outburst of everything in the house of Big Boss like emotions, madness, humor, gossips, bitching. Everything Mix and match! This week the contestants have to dress up as if they are putting up in a mental asylum and have to behave like them. The task seems quite interesting and day started off with laughter club syndrome!

We can now notice a lot of changes in the contestant’s behavior and the one who was in the hit list of hatred is now showing a different color completely! It’s none other than our very own KRK or Kamal Rashid Khan! Drastic change was being noticed in the gay fashion designer Rohit Verma who stopped eating for few days due to intense guilt! He and Vindoo are the contestants out of which one will be eliminated this week. In the middle of the episode we did see a sincere effort fromBig Boss part to put a smile on Rohit’s face as didn’t laugh all these days and was completely lost in his own world.

We saw a role reversal as Aditi was appointed as the nurse and Claudia who was given this esteemed post was seen getting involved emotionally with the patients. As per this week’s task and this will decide on the points scored by them.

We did see some exchange of heated up words between KRK and Claudia which finally got resolved later and the love affair which is building up between Prabesh Rana, the model and the German beauty Claudia can become the reason for their nomination as we saw Prabesh discussing this with his Lady love sitting in the lawn outside Big Bosses House.

Today it will be a special evening as the whole starcast will be seen coming to Big Bosses house! Hope their presence will add grace and beauty to the housemates.

Akshay breaks Bigg Boss rule

Akshay breaks Bigg Boss rule

Akshay Kumar behaved naughty in Bigg Boss by violating Bigg Boss rules. The participants were asked to pen down letter to their family and friends and Akshay Kumar was asked to deliver the mail of the lucky winner but Akki on looking at the sad faces picked up all the letters and decided to deliver all of them.

His unplanned act has been able to bring smile to participants face but at the same time he annoyed Bigg Boss by violating his rules. Akki acted against Big Boss rule book because he felt pity for the house members as they were away from their family from 40 days and do not have access to films, TV or newspapers.

Akshay Kumar did what his heart has told him to do because he was not bound to follow Bigg Boss rules.

This is Akki’s second appearance on Bigg Boss as he first appeared to promote his film ‘Blue’ and now he appeared to speak about his next release, ‘De Dana Dan’.

Claudia Ciesla rides on Sunil Shetty

Claudia Ciesla rides on Sunil Shetty

Claudia Ciesla, the hot model from Germany who’s gradually becoming a household name in India with her ongoing stint on ‘Bigg Boss 3’, found the formidable back of the iron man Sunil Shetty to hop on when the latter entered the Bigg Boss’s house on Wednesday to promote the comedy film De Dana Dan along with co-stars Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Sameera Reddy and Neha Dhupia.

Katrina Kaif, the film’s leading lady couldn’t make it because she’s down with jaundice.

While an exuberant Claudia piggybacked on Sunil Shetty, Kamaal Khan hung himself, rather uncomfortably, on the back of Sameera Reddy.

The stars of ‘De Dana Dan’ bonded with all the inmates of Bigg Boss. Akshay Kumar even took personalized letters written by the inmates for their families outside. Initially, the star was supposed to take the letter of just one lucky winner, but, according to sources, Akshay changed his mind when he met the inmates and took letters from everyone.

The visit was a nice way to promote the film and also bring cheer to the folks cooped up inside the Bigg Boss’s house since many weeks.

Kamal Khan’s joyride on Bigg Boss

Kamal Khan’s joyride on Bigg Boss

Kamal Khan enjoys a joyride on the back of actress Sameera Reddy, thanks to a fun game at the Bigg Boss house…

Kamal Khan, soared to seventh heaven when a game on Colors and Endemols' Bigg Boss, required Sameera Reddy to lift him up on her back!

Says our source, "Everyone in Bigg Boss house got a pleasant surprise as they got woken up by the cast of De Dana Dan - Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Neha Dhupia, Sameera Reddy, Chunky Pandey, Manoj Joshi and Sharad Saxena. The cast members mingled with everyone over tea and snacks and as the day progressed Akshay was called in the confession room and told that everybody has to participate in a paper dance contest!"

The source goes on, "Raju was assigned the task of a referee and the dance started with a twofold paper that went on shrinking as the levels went by. One by one all the couples (Akshay - Poonam, Suniel - Claudia, Neha Dhupia - Pravesh, Chunky -Rohit, Aditi - Manoj and Bakhtiyaar – Vindu) got eliminated with only Sameera Reddy and Kamal Khan left. But by this time the paper got so small that only one person could stand. Sameera without even blinking easily lifted Kamal on her back. Kamal instead of getting embarrassed was purely indulging himself!"

Katrina Kaif's ill-health has forced the actress to skip her encounter with Bigg Boss

Katrina Kaif's ill-health has forced the actress to skip her encounter with Bigg Boss

The actress along with her De Dana Dan co-stars was to feature in the Colors reality show as part of the film's promotional activities. Kat was to be the star attraction for the housemates.

As a result, the film's remaining cast including Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty Neha Dhupia, Sameera Reddy, Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav will now visit the house in Khandala. The episode will be aired on Thursday.

Says a channel source, "Katrina will be unable to make it due to her health conditions. We were informed about it on Tuesday."

The stars will be in the house for about 15 minutes to promote Priyadarshan's film. This is one of the rare occasions when a film's cast has been allowed to enter the house and mingle with the participants.

Incidentally, this is Akshay's third brush with Bigg Boss and its contestants. Last month, he had stepped in to the house to promote Blue apart from bonding with his buddy Vindoo Singh, who is one of the housemates. He was also part of the show's Season 2 finale last year to promote his film Jumbo.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bigg Boss 3 housemates in rehab

Bigg Boss 3 housemates in rehab

It is the day after the nominations but no one seems to be discussing the results. The housemates are quite excited about their new task and begin their day with Laughter therapy.

It is Poonam's responsibility to make sure every patient in the house participates in the laughter therapy every morning. But it is not an easy task to get the housemates do what you want. Pravesh refused to step out without Claudia. He kept pretending to be sick and wanted Claudia’s attention… Mr Muscle is at his romantic best!

The next therapy in line is called the 'Art therapy' in which each patient will have to draw what’s on their mind. This drawing will be then analysed by Dr Poonam followed by a counseling session where Poonam would try and give her suggestions.

Later Bigg Boss calls Vindu and Raju to seek their opinion on whether Poonam is justifying her duty as a doctor and whether they were happy with her analysis. The duo was in consent that the job is well done by the doctor. Looks like there is an alternative career waiting for you Dr Poonam! The next thing at the rehabilitation centre is to relax the mind and there is nothing better than meditation.

In the evening all the housemates will gather in the garden area and indulge in meditation with chanting 'Om'. This will be followed by Shavasan which is taught by Aditi and all of them are found relaxing with peace of mind. The day ends with the music therapy where all the housemates are seen dancing and relaxing with the music played for them.

Another day in the Bigg Boss house comes to an end. Thanks to the therapy it was a day free of backbiting, plotting and discussing nominations by the housemates.

Raju goes for Claudia's jeans

Raju goes for Claudia's jeans

The laughter express seemed to have taken a backseat. The otherwise happy-go-lucky Raju Srivastav is quite anxious

Usually his ongoing commentary entertains the housemates and the atmosphere is always light with him joking around. But today it just didn’t look like Raju was himself.

He was seen talking about leaving the house. In fact throughout afternoon he mostly kept to himself and kept staring at his family picture - perhaps Raju has begun to miss his family.

By evening the laughter king was back in his avatar and was seen pulling Vindu’s leg ... The housemates decided to play dumb charades to kill time and Raju donned the role of a barber and stated combing on Vindu’s bald head with a comb ... He then went upto Claudia with an iron and started ironing her jeans! That led to a roar of laughter amongst the housemates.

Vindu goes bald

Vindu goes bald

Day 49 is like any other day in the Bigg Boss house when the housemates wake up to the alarm to get into doing their daily chores. Poonam and Aditi hit the kitchen deciding on the lunch menu and get going with the preparations.

There is a lot of commotion in the men’s room as Vindu decides to shave off his head. He seeks everyone’s opinion and they all are in consent with it. So with a little help with Kamaal, Vindu goes bald. It was quite a sight to see the two together especially after their heated rift outside the gymnasium. Vindu seemed to have been quite happy with his bald look and is happy that the housemates too like it. He starts planning a fresh approach to his already existing career as a villain in Bollywood.

The garden area looks to be the favorite hangout for the housemates. In the evening too Aditi Pravesh and Claudia turned the garden area into a golf course, an umbrella to a golf stick and got onto to playing the game. Aditi was quite impressive with her shots and was well appreciated by everyone for her game. Bigg boss summons Kamaal in the confession room and assigns a task to the housemates.

The task is called ‘Vanish Shuddhi Task’. For the task the housemates have to nominate one person who they think needs to have a clear heart and give that person one dirty garment to wash. The nominated person will have to wash the garment and make sure that it is spotless. Well no points for guessing ... it was none other than Rohit who was nominated by the inmates. Rohit without any delay got on to the task and was able to complete it successfully!

In the night, following the hand grenade Vindu gets onto narrating the bedtime story to Kamaal. Just then Bigg Boss decides to entertain the housemates and starts playing peppy bollywood numbers. Excited to hear the music everyone starts dancing wherever they are. The girl gang later join the boys in their room and they together head to the garden to dance. The highlight was the performance by Kamaal Khan who danced on his own song from the film Deshdrohi. After a longtime the housemates let their hair down and enjoyed to the fullest.

Vindu Dara Singh and Rohit Verma nominated by Bigg Boss Housemates

Vindu Dara Singh and Rohit Verma nominated by Bigg Boss Housemates

Vindu Dara Singh and Rohit Verma have been nominated by the Bigg Boss 3 housemates for this week's eviction. Rohit Verma, who tried to gain sympathy from the public after indulging in planning, plotting and bitching, was nominated yet again. It would be interesting to see how the public will respond to his tears.

Vindu already claimed that he had an edge over other housemates. It will be testing time for him too, as Rohit is expected to give him a run for his money this week. It is clear that it won't be a smooth ride for Vindu and even he holds the risk of being evicted from the show. It will hurt Vindu the most, if he gets eliminated in favour of Rohit Verma.

Both Vindu and Rohit don't see eye-to-eye after their game plan was exposed by Bigg Boss last week. Rohit immediately changed his colour with his acts of crying and repenting. However, Vindu did not regret and stuck to his stand.

Vindu made it clear that nobody can survive in the house without planning and plotting and there was nothing wrong in it. People, who watch Bigg Boss, expect to see more spicy and sensational stuffs. They don't like dull characters like Aditi and Shamita.

While Rohit received 4 nominations this week, Vindu received 3. Kamal Khan was kept out of the nomination process. It is believed that Kamal is just a guest and he will leave the Bigg Boss house sooner or later.

The housemates were given the option of nominating just one person this week. They also selected one person, who will be safe from nomination next week. Bakhtiyaar, who received two positive votes, will be safe during next week's nomination round.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Chunky Pandey in ‘Bigg Boss’ house

Chunky Pandey in ‘Bigg Boss’ house

According to the latest ‘Bigg Boss’ update, former actor Chunky Pandey would be seen entering the house soon. Grapevine has it that the episode showing Chunky entering the ‘BB’ house will reportedly be aired on one of the days this week.

Chunky is expected to be seen from this week onwards, in place of former cricketer Vinod Kambli, who was evicted from the show last week.

Well, wonder if Chunky would be able to gain anything out of the opportunity!

‘Bigg Boss’: Comeback man Kamaal Khan promises ‘payback’ at ‘Bigg Boss’

‘Bigg Boss’: Comeback man Kamaal Khan promises ‘payback’ at ‘Bigg Boss’

Actor Kamaal Khan of ‘Bigg Boss’ notoriety, who was thrown out earlier from the Bigg Boss house after repeated temper tantrums and feud with housemates is set to make a comeback to the show via the wild card route.

The actor claims that the show lost its TRP’s post his eviction and that it is on the producer’s request in the light of the show’s flagging TRP’s that he decided to stage a comeback.

Confirming his comeback, the actor says, “Yes I am going tonight into the Bigg Boss house as the wild card entry.”

The actor who was in the news for his foul mouthed rants and scuffles while he was in the show, further brags, “The channel got its highest TRP’s when I was in Bigg Boss but the day I went out, the TRP’s became less. Now the channel approached me again and asked me to be there. I’m sure this time the TRP’s will be higher than ever.”

The actor also hinted at having some old scores to settle with some ‘mates’ in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

Well, though his comeback might spawn a renewed interest in the show and boost TRP’s as well, one wonders if his housemates will take it well too.

Vindoo, Rohit, Aditi nominated in Bigg Boss

Vindoo, Rohit, Aditi nominated in Bigg Boss

Contestants are tensed as they approach yet another Monday wherein they have to go thro' the dreaded nomination process..

It's yet another tension-filled Monday in the Bigg Boss house, wherein contestants have to go thro' the nomination process. As the contestants try to divert their minds on the daily chores in order to keep away from the nomination tension, they are assigned the task of turning Bigg Boss house into a Mad House.

According to our source, "This week's weekly task is to turn the house into a mental asylum, wherein Poonam will be the doctor, Claudia the nurse, and Kamal the warden. The rest of the guys will be the patients".

However, it's past evening, and yet there is no sign of the nomination process coming, and this makes the contestants anxious. "At 10 PM in the night, Vindoo is called for the nomination process, but the process is not the same. Plotting and planning that Vindoo and Rohit did along with Raju have not left them in good stead, and this is evident in the nominations. Vindoo Dara Singh, Rohit Verma along with Aditi Gowitrikar are nominated this week", informs our source.

"Kamal Khan is kept away from the nominations, as he is just a guest in the house. But this is not brought to the notice of the contestants. Kamal was to leave on Sunday night, but the channel and production house have extended his stay for another two days, to provide the required masala in the house", adds our source.

I learnt how to bitch in Bigg Boss – Vinod Kambli

I learnt how to bitch in Bigg Boss – Vinod Kambli

Vinod Kambli vents out his frustration after being evicted from the Bigg Boss House…
Vinod Kambli is still having a hard time to believe that he has been ousted due to public opinion form Color's and Endemol's Reality show Bigg Boss Season 3. According to him, he hasn't had a very good experience at the house, but given a chance he says he will come back and play the game in full form.

Such an entertainer, what went wrong in Big Boss?
I'm surprised and shocked that I've been evicted. I just want to say that I am not agreeing with Desh ka Adesh because people want to see me more. I went into the house not to play any games but just to taste the Big Boss experience. I was the same person inside the house also. I saw all the seasons as well as part of this season and went and I still do not believe that I am out because of public vote!

How was the experience in the house?
Experience was challenging. We were living with unknown people. It's very difficult to survive even for 24 hours knowing that these people do back biting, bitching. But it was not new to me. I had gone through this in my real life also. This thing doesn't affect me. I was waiting that somebody should come forward to attack me… try to point a finger at me…but nobody dared to do that. I also told Big Boss that I am ready with my helmet and my bat but nobody bowled to me. Staying there was indeed challenging. We all are cut from the whole world.

You participated in many reality shows…
I wanted everything that is possible of me on this earth. I just wanted to experience some shows. I don't do anything. I am very selective.

What do you think is the reason for you to get nominated?
The reason I think is that I am not a controversial man and for TRPs you need to do back biting and all. I did my best to survive but 14 days was good to me. And if I had been given a chance I would have done more. I can never do that back biting and all as they were so nice to me.

Who was the one contestant you gelled with very well?
I gelled with everyone but Vindoo and I had good time. Aditi was the one contestant who shocked me because I know her very well and we talked very well in Marathi. My wife watched the show and said Aditi nominated me.

Who do you think is the best player in the house?
I think everybody is a good player in the house, including Claudia who does not know to speak Hindi well. I don't want to pinpoint any name but if I'm forced to I will name Aditi.

Do you regret entering at a later part of the game?
It was very challenging for me to enter the house at a later stage. The contestants welcomed me with open arms but I know inside they were not all happy. Probably if I would have been at their place I would have done the same too!

What did you learn from the house?
How to bitch (laughs).

How was the interaction with Amitabh Bachchan?
When we speak to Amitabhji he behaves like a father figure. When we meet a great personality we open up. He is an idol and also my idol and interacting with him was like talking to my father. It was a very emotional moment and the way he was listening, I had a blast! And the way he brings out people's emotions is awesome! It's like confessing in front of priest!

What will you do if got to enter the house again?
If I get a chance I will play. First time I entered as a cricketer but second time I will enter like a politician.

One person who doesn't deserve to win Bigg Boss?
Everyone. I don't want to pin point anyone but still my wife also doesn't like is Aditi because she back stabs very badly. I forgive her. I have done nothing wrong to her and simply fail to understand why she took my name.

What next for you?
I am waiting for IPL till April and in between that if something suits me I will definitely do.

Any specific incident that you would like to share?
Food was sufficient but still I lost many kilos. I told Amitabhji also. My egg my cake… everything was stolen. Once I had kept my egg and it was gone. Then on Vindoo's father's birthday Bigg Boss sent us a cake, then what I did was I licked the cake and kept it and nobody had it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bigg Boss 3 housemates fight in final stage

Bigg Boss 3 housemates fight in final stage

It’s the final day of the task and the housemates are eagerly waiting to finish the task. Looks like the housemates have actually realized that water is indeed their lifeline –quite a few of them haven’t taken their bath for the past couple of days, using fewer vessels in order to avoid washing of utensils so that they can conserve as much water as possible. But now the housemates have had it enough and want Bigg Boss to start regular water supply.

Meanwhile, Raju as usual is busy entertaining the housemates with his funny antics. In the latest episode, he gets into the fire fighter avatar and joins Vindu, Vinod and Pravesh in their fight against the water shortage.

Later, Bigg Boss calls Claudia Ciesla and Pravesh in the confession room to announce yet another punishment for them for again conversing in English. Bigg Boss informs them despite several warnings in the past they have been still talking in English and therefore both of them will not be allowed to talk to each other till further notice. Claudia and Pravesh get disappointed by this punishment but soon find another way to interact with each other i.e. sign language.

Soon after this the task alarm rings, instead of completing the task, the housemates sit back perhaps because they have already stored enough water for the day.

While with all this happening, Rohit is as usual busy influencing housemates in his favour and reiterating his tale of being backstabbed. This time he first approaches Aditi and then Pravesh to apologize for whatever he has done. But, looks like Pravesh is in no mood to forgive and forget and ignores Rohit.

As the day comes to a close, the housemates breathe a sigh of relief when Bigg Boss announces the conclusion of the weekly task. Later, all the men in house get together and speculate who could be next surprise entry in the Bigg Boss house.

Hearing them talk, Bigg Boss actually decides to have a surprise entry - a person dressed in space suit actually lands in the living area much to the housemates’ surprise. This is what we call ‘Telepathy’ perhaps!

Who is this new person and how will the housemates react to this little surprise?

Who is KRK planning to slap?

Who is KRK planning to slap ?

He’s back with a vengeance. Kamal Rashid Khan, the contestant everybody loves to hate, has returned to the TV show Bigg Boss with this promise to the audience: “I’ll defeat the three villains inside — Vindu (Dara Singh), Rohit (Verma) and Raju (Shrivastav).” Speaking to HT City just before re-entering the house, Khan said, “The audience will not think of me as a star if I don’t get back at them.”

He seems to have a plan to deal with the aggressive Vindu. "Jab mera ek jhapad padega kaan ke neeche, sab theek ho jayega (He’ll be okay after I give him a tight slap)” he says.

Khan says he’s not out to win the show. “I have 21 pairs of clothes this time, like I did the last time. I am a superstar and nobody can throw me out before 21 days. Neither can they stop me from leaving after that time. I have commitments outside, like my work. I can’t keep sitting inside like those people.”

Although KRK is emphatic that he is going as a contestant, sources from the channel suggest he’ll be entering as a guest for a couple of days.

KRK is only visiting Bigg Boss

KRK is only visiting Bigg Boss

Kamal R Khan back in the Bigg Boss house. Khan who was evicted forcibly from Bigg Boss due to his misbehaviour with the housemates, makes a comeback into the house, apparently as a wildcard entry.

But, according to inside sources from the television industry, Khan has been asked by the channel to deliberately mislead Bigg Boss housemates and viewers into believing he’s making a wildcard entry. Says the highly-placed very reliable source, “In reality Khan entered the reality show on Thursday as a mere visitor. But by making the housemates think he’s a wildcard entry the channel wants to provoke the housemates and create a bitter drama. On Sunday it’d be revealed that Kamal Khan is not a contestant at all any more, and not eligible to win Bigg Boss.”

Khan, who had been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house, is naturally happy to be back, creating more tamasha for the inmates.

Vinod Kambli evicted out from Big Boss 3, missed his wife Andrea the most

Vinod Kambli evicted out from Big Boss 3, missed his wife Andrea the most

A former India cricketer Vinod kambli has been evicted out from Big Boss 3 . Kambli accepted that he has missed his wife Andrea the most during his locked up time at big boss house and now he will be back to see his wife.

He has entered the Big Boss house on Nov. 5 and played the reality show just for a period of two weeks. Kambli was nominated along with fashion designer Rohit Verma, model Pravesh Rana, and actors Bakhtiyaar Irani, Aditi Gowitrikar as well as Claudia Ciesla.

Vinod kambli said that “I feel all the good ones (contestants) are coming out of the show and all the ones who plot against each other are in there.”

Vinod kambli also revealed that there’s a lot of plotting, back biting and gimmicks happening inside the big boss house and all the people are having dual personalities. The contestants shed crocodile tears for their mistakes and try to gain sympathy.

He took the show sportingly and made good relations with everyone. Kambali left the show as a winner not the looser and has mostly good experiences from the Big Boss house.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'll beat 3 idiots in Bigg Boss: Kamal Rashid Khan

I'll beat 3 idiots in Bigg Boss: Kamal Rashid Khan

Kamal Rashid Khan, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house because of his aggressive and violent behavior with his housemates, will be re-entering the Bigg Boss house as wild card entry. “Yes I am going tonight into the Bigg Boss house as the wild card entry.” confirms KRK.

According to him TRP’s of the channel went down after his exit. Thus the channel decided to get him back. “The channel got its highest TRP’s when I was in Bigg Boss but the day I went out, TRP’s became less. Now the channel approached me again and asked me to be there. I am sure this time the TRP’s will be higher than ever.”

KRK said that he followed Bigg Boss even after his eviction. So what is his strategy now? He said, “I will enter the house in a rocket. I don’t know whether the housemates will be happy, sad, or surprised by my entry but I promise cent per cent entertainment to my audience.”

He further explained that his entry will mean trouble for Vindu, Rohit and Raju who have been punished by Bigg Boss. “I am going to beat these three idiots. The audience will see how I will set them straight. They need to learn a lesson and I am the hero who will teach it to them.”

Of all the housemates, KRK thinks Bakhtiyar Irani to be a sincere person, but would want Pravesh to win the Bigg Boss title! “If not me then I would want Pravesh to win. He is very true by heart and doesn’t believe in bitching. But now I am going as wild card entry so you never know...,” he said

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kamal Khan to return to Bigg Boss

Kamal Khan to return to Bigg Boss

The controversial Kamal Rashid Khan who was sent out by Bigg Boss is all set to make a return into the house...

If Vindoo Dara Singh and Rohit Verma weren't enough to indulge in all the dirty politicking, plotting and planning inside COLORS' Bigg Boss, now we hear Kamal Khan is going inside it on Thursday morning to create more mayhem.

A birdie sitting outside Bigg Boss house tells us that he's
apparently asked for "forgiveness" for his uncouth behavior the last time around to Bigg Boss, and the channel in turn has accepted his apology and decided to pep up the proceedings by sending him again.

According to our source, "Kamal has already reached Lonavla and arrangements are being made by the unit to give him a grand welcome into the house".

Bakhtiyar Irani who has already predicted that "show ke khatam hone tak kisika khoon hone ke alava yahan baaki bahut kuch honewala hai" was possibly talking about Kamaal Khan.

Kamal has many bones to pick with Rohit who had faced his ire and the bottle, the former had flung at him which led to his eviction by the Bigg Boss, as all the other housemates had ganged up against him and wanted him out. So this time when he goes in, he has a lot of unfinished job to be done with the rest of the contestants.

While Tanaaz Iraani who Kamal couldn't stand is already out of the House, her husband and the others are still there with whom he can settle scores with. Interestingly, this week, Bigg Boss has thrown up six names -- Rohit Verma, new entrants Pravesh Rana and Vinod Kambli, Claudia Ciesla,Bakhtiyar and Aditi Gowitrikar for eviction -- and we are sure after Thursday, Rohit would pray hard to his Lord Krishna to be the chosen one by the janta.

Because this time, Kamal's bottle could just hit its target!

I am recovering from Bigg Boss - Tanaaz Irani

I am recovering from Bigg Boss - Tanaaz Irani

Tanaaz Irani, the cool one amongst the Bigg Boss inmates is been out of the house last week. Thus, Telly Cafe brings you an interview about her Bigg Boss ride and its experience.

How was your overall experience about BB3?

Ohh! My BB3 journey was fantastic. As I am not that brave to participate in reality shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi and climb up on a building, eat a snake or do such things. Thus, Bigg Boss was a good opportunity to test myself, my conscious as according to me I am quite clear when it comes to my mind. Overall it was ‘good’ for me.

Did you miss your family apart from Bhaktiyar during your BB3 journey?

Yes! Very badly, especially my 17 years old daughter because my small kid is just 3 years old and he is not that attached to me as he has his own friends, maid and toys for himself. His day starts and end with a glass of milk and he is sorted but its not with my daughter’s case. Truly speaking I participated in BB3 just for my daughter; I had really dedicated this show to my daughter as I really wanted to show my daughter how her mom is in real sense.

Which were your happiest moments from BB3?

I enjoyed the entire task and during which I met two more people in BB3 who thinks exactly what I think. These two personalities are Shamita Shetty and Aditi Govitrikar who really inspired me to be their friends. They both are good human beings and their nature was disclosed in front of me when Bakhtiyaar had a tussle with me and they both were consoling him in the way. How I will console him if I would have been at that place, this had really touched me a lot.

Which thing do you dislike from BB3 house?

There are many things which I dislike but the first most thing which would like to say is, people are scared to say any thing in the house, I don’t know what’s wrong to be as you are. People always want to fly away from the circumstances and that’s true because after looking at yesterday’s episode, Poonamji whom I respected had degraded her image in front of me. Why people are behaving as if they have worn a mask on their faces.

How are you feeling after coming out of BB3 house?

Actually not much different because I was same as I am in reality at my residence so it hardly makes any difference for me but yes I am missing Bigg Boss. I hope the days go faster deciding upon the winner. But I am relaxed because now I don’t have to work and apply ‘zhadoo’ at my place as I have maid who looks after all this work and I am spared now from cold water bath. I am much relaxed now.

Do you have any plans for coming back on television?

No, not yet as I am recovering from Bigg Boss house, inmates and everything that happened with me during this few weeks. Let see I may come back with some new ventures but still a big no for every thing.

BIGG BOSS punishes the plotters

BIGG BOSS punishes the plotters

It was a very humiliating day for the three housemates of Bigg Boss namely Rohit Verma the gay fashion designer, Vindu Dara Singh-son of Dara Singh and Raju Shrivastava the standup comedian. All were caught plotting regarding the nominations. Inspite of the warnings and alarm by big boss these three were always found chito chat and discussing about the nominations. Yesterday Poonam Dhillon was given the role of a Sheriff and was given the charge of these three convicted lad.

The funniest part was there captivity! Rohit was put into this big bird’s cage which was hung in the air! The difficult part was that he is scared of heights and whenever the liver was pulled up he looked very panicky! Raju was put in arrangement on top of the swimming pool; it was a raft kind structure. And the chatter box of all time Vindoo was given the jail where all three of them were asked to sleep at night. At the end of the day it was only Rohit who was struck with guilt. Rest Raju was busy raising his TRP by cracking jokes and Vindoo as usual talking among himself!

The twist in the tale was that even though all the three were able to see each other but they were not allowed to talk to anyone except for Poonam Dhillon, the Sheriff.

Six nominations on Bigg Boss 3

Six nominations on Bigg Boss 3

For the first time, six housemates have been nominated on Bigg Boss 3 – Rohit Varma, Pravesh Rana, Claudia, Vinod Kambli, Aditi Govitrikar and Bakhtiyaar Irani.

It has been a week of conspiracy, emotions and confrontations, and it's now time for one person to be eliminated out of the six.

Who will get eliminated? Who will stay in the Bigg Boss House?

Rohit Verma jailed in a Cage in Bigg Boss House

Rohit Verma jailed in a Cage in Bigg Boss House

Fashion designer Rohit Verma, who has been on target for indulging in planning, plotting and bitching, was jailed in a cage by the Bigg Boss. Rohit Verma, Vindu Dara Singh and Raju Srivastav were punished for discussing nominations and plotting against other housemates. Rohit led the way, by using "dirty" tricks and games.

Vindu Dara Singh was sent to the jail made by Bigg Boss. Raju Srivastav was asked to spend his day on a floating bed inside the Swimming Pool. Rohit suffered the most, as he was put inside a cage like an animal. The cage was lifted by a crane in the air and the scene was very pathetic. They were prohibited from talking to each other.

They all spent their day where they were put and later, in the night, they slept inside the Bigg Boss jail. Rohit tried his best show before others that he is repenting for what he has done and he is a nice human being in reality. But nobody barring Poonam Dhillon, was convinced by his emotional drama.

Pravesh accuses Rohit of playing dirty tricks

Pravesh accuses Rohit of playing dirty tricks

Seems that the big tamasha isn’t over yet in the Bigg Boss house! Yesterday’s revelation has had its first causalities – Pravesh Rana. Post Bigg Boss announces the release of Vindu Dara Singh, Rohit Verma and Raju Srivastav from prison the entire environment in the house becomes uneasy. Not everyone seems to be quite excited about this decision especially Pravesh.

He walks up to Vindu and complains about Rohit’s behaviour which has caused bickering in the house. But Rohit who happens to be around overhears Pravesh’s accusations and gets furious. This leads verbal altercations between the two – Pravesh blames Rohit for bad mouthing everyone in the house thereby leading to fights and arguments in the house, while Rohit blames Pravesh for groupism in the house. Looks like Pravesh is now taken upon himself to teach Rohit a lesson and create circumstances for him to leave the house.

Will Pravesh’s accusations lead to other housemates speaking up against Rohit? How will Rohit cope up with these new enemies?

3 Musketeers Raju, Vindu and Rohit Punished

3 Musketeers Raju, Vindu and Rohit Punished

The housemates are at it again! We are not talking about bitching but discussing nominations! And Bigg Boss has had it enough. Warnings and punishments doesn’t seem to be working, the housemates seems to be on a rule-breaking spree.

The latest culprits being Raju, Vindu and Rohit! In order to teach them a lesson, Bigg Boss punishes them in 3 different ways. Bigg Boss appoints Poonam as the Sheriff and asks her to action on the punishment given to each one of them. Vindu is locked in the jail and Rohit is locked in the cage hanging mid air while Raju has been asked to sit on a raft in the pool.

Seeing these three being punished, the housemates start speculating if this punishment will have an impact on the nomination process.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The return of Tanaaz in Bigg Boss 3

The return of Tanaaz in Bigg Boss 3

She will be back and as reported is ready to take on her detractors. Tanaaz Currim wife of Bakhtiyar Irani is getting wild card entry to the show, though she was evicted from the show last week only.

All the other participants alleged that the husband-wife duo was playing a game in the show. When Tanaaz was shown the door, Bakhtiyar yelled and cried and said to everyone that he will take revenge. Now, since his wife will re-enter the show, a lot of hubbub is expected to happen in the Bigg Boss’ house.

While, according to sources, her return is for maintaining the good TRPs the show has gathered so far. Tanaaz is quoted by a daily, “This time, Vindu Dara Singh, Raju Srivastava and Rohit Verma will get it back from me. They will not know where to hide faces.” These are the contestants who have nominated the husband and wife thrice for elimination.

Tanaaz is keen to re-enter and confesses that now she will play the real game that too like a “rock star”, and as quoted, says, “Some people need to be told that good always triumphs.”

Undoubtedly, the housemates will be under shock to see her as they would have never imagined that Tanaaz will be back, that too so soon.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tanaaz all set for return to ‘Big Boss’

Tanaaz all set for return to ‘Big Boss’

If reports are to be believed the weekend will see evicted participant Tanaaz re-entering the Big Boss house.

In the last season of reality show “Bigg Boss”, Raja was kept in a secret room for 24 hours and made to see the happenings of the house without the knowledge of the housemates. This time Taanaz has the honour.

She has seen all the tapes of the show and will enter the house armed with much more information and confidence.

Tanaaz is particularly upset with Vindu Dara Singh, Rohit Verma and Raju Shrivastav for playing a game with her and husband Bakhtiyaar. She is also angry that these men have accused her and Bakhtiyaar of teaming up and playing a game.

She said she could not believe what she saw on the show’s footage. But now she has a game plan chalked out and will give it back to them when she returns on the show.

The supposed reason for her return is to save the show’s ratings from plummeting.

We fight like that in front of our kids

We fight like that in front of our kids

As Tanaaz Irani stepped out of Bigg Boss after her eviction, she claimed that all her actions in the house were a message for her 17-year-old daughter Ziah (from Tanaaz's first marriage with Farid Currim).

She also preferred her eviction to husband Bhakhtiyar Irani, who was nominated along with her last week.

She tells Rajul Hegde about her time in the house, and that her marriage is still strong.

Did you expect your elimination?

Yes. I wanted to get out for Bhakhtiyar's sake because he wanted to play games. He couldn't do what he wanted to because of me. He is free now. I hope he gives them good.

There were rumours that Bhakhtiyar and you are heading for a separation after the show?

Don't all couples fight? I can say with pride that no other couple would have survived in this house without breaking up because the other housemates were playing dirty games.

I had told Bhakhtiyar that our marriage is too strong to be affected by the strangers.

He is a simple guy and his problem was why I did not react the way he did. I had an inkling of what was going on but did not want to complicate matters by telling him. Only after a couple of weeks it was clear that the others were playing games and backbiting about us.

Do the two of you fight like that in front of your children?

Yes. We fight like that minus all the bad words. People, who have watched us fight on national television, will understand that they were small fights like any other husband and wife would have.

Did you play games in the show too?

I was what I am. You cannot play games 24x7; your mask has to fall off -- like it did in the case of Rohit Verma and Poonam Dhillon. I want to go back as a wild card entry and give them back. I will go prepared and play games. I want to show that good triumphs and bad behaviour is unacceptable.

Bhakhtiyar and Tanaaz IraniBut Bhakhtiyar and you really got along with Rohit initially. What went wrong?

I was amazed to know what he said behind our backs. He says he is a well-known fashion designer but he should see what he was wearing! I would like to know which other person wears Rohit Verma creations other than Rohit himself. There is nothing to like about him. He has enraged me so much with his attitude and backbiting that I want to go back and slap him for ruining my name.

When Aditi Gowitrikar and you yanked off Raju Shrivastav's pyjamas, it created quite a controversy.

Really! Did they show that? When you come to a pool party, you should have common sense to wear something underneath. We were so embarrassed after we pulled off his pyjamas but he took it sportingly.

How was your experience in the house?

I have a 17-year-old daughter. Whatever I did inside was a message to her. I had to be good because she needed to be taught that come what may, you always have to go by the book. I am glad I succeeded in my mission. I might have said some rough things but all that happened in the heat of the moment. I never indulged in negative games. I wonder how the other housemates will face their children and wives, after all the backbiting and manipulation.

What do you have to say about Vindoo Dara Singh?

Vindoo is brainless person. His behaviour with Sherlyn Chopra [ Images ] was just not acceptable. He should understand that his father (Dara Singh) has a big reputation in the (film) industry and he can't put him to shame. He should worry about how he will face his near and dear ones when he comes out of the house. The first thing he should do after coming out of the house is go to his father and apologise for his behaviour.

After he came out, Ismail Darbar said that he wasn't happy that you left your one and a half year old son behind for a reality show?

I want to ask him since when does his opinion matter at my house? Who is he to comment that I have left my son?

Did you make any friends in the house?

Yes, with Shamita Shetty and Aditi. It seems last year none of the housemates got close to anybody. I have made not one but two friends on this show (smiles).

Who do you think will win?

I don't care who wins. Their next target will be Bhakhtiyar and Aditi. All the good people are being evicted. These people are only in for the money, which can be earned by other dignified ways too.

Bhakhtyar's son enters Bigg Boss 3

Bhakhtyar's son enters Bigg Boss 3

Usually Monday mornings are gloomy, but today, it was happiness and excitement all around the bigg Boss house. As it is said good things come in small packages – Bhakhtyar's son, little Zeus makes a surprise visit to the Bigg Boss house to wish his dad, Bhakhtyar a Happy Birthday!

As the wake up alarm goes off Bhakhtyar is pleasantly surpised to hear Zeus' voice, he jumps out of his bed and rushes towards the hall and looks out for Zeus. All the housemates wake up and assemble in the hall.

Little Zeus walks up to his father, who immediately holds him into his arms and hugs him. All the housemates rejoice on seeing Zeus.

As the day progresses, Poonam makes a call to her daughter as per the hand grenade call given to her by Tannaz after her elimination. Poonam wishes her daughter Happy Birthday and gets poignant.

Subsequently, Bigg Boss calls Pravesh in the confession room and assigns the weekly task titled ‘Jal Hi Jeevan Hai’- where the housemates will have to conserve water. As a part of the task, a water tank is placed in the garden area from which the housemates will have to fill buckets and use the water for their daily chores. Bigg Boss will decide the monthly budget based on how much water is conserved at the end of task. The housemates immediately get into action after the alarm goes off for the task.

Another day at the Bigg Boss house comes to a close – a day full of surprises and merriment indeed!

After meeting Zeus will Bhakhtyar be able to get a hold of his emotions? Will the housemates again nominate Bhakhtyar today?

Tanaaz wants a wild card

Tanaaz wants a wild card

Friday saw an interesting turn of events as contrary to everyone's expectations in the house, Tanaaz turned out to be the one to be evicted instead of her husband Bakhtiyaar.

However, what we gathered from discussions in the house seemed like the housemates Vindu, Rohit, Raju & gang were more or less happy seeing Tanaaz leave the house.

However, on being evicted Tanaaz seemed happier than we would have expected her to be. Leaving her husband behind in the house did worry her but being reunited with little Zeus after such a long time did seem to make it up for her. We decided to catch up with her to know about her experience in the house "I was dying to get out of the house; I wanted to know what the outside world was getting to see. Now that I am outside and have seen people plot and plan like the way they are doing, I am horrified! I had no idea such dirty games were being played in the house"

Now with the week's evictions out of the way, the house is abuzz with the impending nominations. Although discussing nominations isn't allowed in the Bigg Boss house, this week all the rules are being flouted shamelessly as all the housemates are openly discussing nominations. That's not all, Vindu in fact, goes as far as asking ever housemate whom he or she is going to nominate as a part of the Bigg Boss News!

Although, we think the nominations tonight are going to be rather interesting. Considering the fact that people inside the house have formed pairs rather than groups is making it difficult for anyone to predict who would be voted out. We see Vindu and Raju, Pravesh and Claudia, Bakhtiyaar and Aditi and Rohit and Poonam banding together. The easiest nomination would be Bakhtiyaar as he was nominated last week too, although we want to see what reasons will be given. Or maybe it could even be Aditi for being favoured by Bigg Boss and being made Mallika. Or will the new boys Pravesh and Vinod face the music? As always, it's only speculation and guesswork, therefore to find out who gets nominated this week tune into Bigg Boss at 9pm daily on COLORS!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I want a man just like Raj: Shamita Shetty

I want a man just like Raj: Shamita Shetty

Actress Shamita Shetty, who has just opted out of TV reality show Bigg Boss, is elated about elder sister Shilpa marrying London-based businessman Raj Kundra on November 22 and says she also wants a "perfect man" like her brother-in-law to-be.

"Raj is just so absolutely wonderful. He is so calm, intelligent and good-looking. There could be no one better than him for Shilpa. He is just so perfect. I also want a man like him in my life," Shamita told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

The 29-year-old actress was until now a part of the third season of reality show Bigg Boss and came to know of Shilpa's engagement only a week back. She has now taken a voluntary exit from the show to be able to be with her sister for her last few days at home. The episode will be aired tonight.

Shamita said: "It feels fantastic to be out. I am just so excited about Shilpa's wedding. Oh my god! She is getting married. I want to go home, cry, hug and chat with her. She has sent me a picture of her engagement ring on my Blackberry but it's very hazy. So can't wait to see that. We tell each other everything, so I know how difficult it must have been for her to get engaged without me around. But since I got to know about her wedding date, I wanted to be with her no matter what. Family definitely comes first for me."

Shamita was also worried about the clothes she would wear for the wedding functions, but to her surprise, her elder sister had already taken care of it all.

"I was so worried about who will stitch my clothes within 10 days and how I will manage it all. But I just spoke to Shilpa and she said she has organised a few options for me. So I'm very happy that I don't have to start planning from scratch," she said.

Shamita says her respect for Shilpa, who won Celebrity Big Brother, the international version of the show in 2007 after facing racist remarks, has risen by leaps and bounds after her stint in Bigg Boss.

"I have begun to respect Shilpa so much more. I haven't even faced 50 percent of what she must have faced. She was in a different country, with people from different cultures - it must have been hugely different. I can't even imagine how she went through all that," she said.

As for her own stay in the Bigg Boss house, Shamita said: "It feels great and fantastic that I wasn't asked to leave. But I felt sad that I had to leave the house. My stay was pretty okay - but I didn't have an option. I had to leave for Shilpa's wedding."

She is also happy about getting three "really good friends" in the form of Tanaaz Currim, Bakhtiyaar Irani and Aditi Govitrikar. But when asked to name the most conniving contestant, she said diplomatically: "I won't take any names and I don't want to be judgmental."

Bigg Boss has 13 celebrities locked up inside a secluded house for 84 days and kept under constant camera surveillance without any contact with the outside world.

Shamita quits Bigg Boss for sister’s wedding

Shamita quits Bigg Boss for sister’s wedding

Shamita Shetty left TV reality show Bigg Boss: Season3 on Friday to be able to attend her sister Shilpa Shetty’s wedding slated later this month.

Shamita was apparently upset when she found out about her sister’s engagement held while she was inside the Bigg Boss house, and wanted to leave the reality show. “I’m so happy to be out. The minute I got out I grabbed the nearest person’s phone and called my sister. We are extremely close and I am so glad I am going to be able to attend her wedding,” said Shamita.

Bakhtiyaar was hamstrung because of me -Tanaaz Irani

Bakhtiyaar was hamstrung because of me -Tanaaz Irani

Tanaaz Irani vents her spleen about her fellow Big Boss 3 inmates after her elimination from the Lonavala house last night!

Tanaaz Irani's marriage became open to the public thanks to her participation with husband Bakhtiyaar in Colors' Big Boss 3. However, Tanaaz talks of how this show has done nothing to bring cracks in her marriage and how it has earned her two new friends.

Over to Tanaaz…

How was the experience of Big Boss 3?

I have a 17 year old daughter and whatever I did inside was a message to her. I had to be good for she needed to be taught that come what may, you always have to go by the book. There is no excuse to slip up. And I am glad that I succeeded in that mission.

I might have said some rough things but they happened in the heat of the moment, never ever did I indulge in willful negative tactics. Over all, I really had to control myself; for the environment in there was such that you want to talk bad about people who don't help in the daily chores..

Going by the same token, I really wonder how the others would face up to their children, and wives, after all the manipulations and back bitching, they shamelessly indulged in.

Come clean on the constant allegations that you and Bakhtiyaar played as a team?

God, it's crystal clear that we never discussed eliminations, unlike the others who always worked in packs.

You and Bakhtiyaar had lots of fights?

Don't all couples fight?! I can say with pride no other couple would have survived this house without breaking up for the other inmates were playing down right dirty pool. My hubby is a simple guy and his main grouse was that why, I was not reacting like he was? I had an inkling of what was going on but did not want to complicate matters and further I never believe in hearsay. It was only later that things become clear that Rohit and others were indeed talking bad behind our backs.

I had told Bakhtiyaar that our marriage is too strong to be affected by 9 strangers who don't even know whether they are coming or going. I also can't understand the fuss over the little intimate moments between me and my husband.

Bakhtiyaar was giving lots of attention to Claudia?

Oh that part was just copy pasted and edited. I am no dumb wife, who will ignore such things. I know Bakhtiyaar and he actually was unhappy with them bringing in a firangi in the first place.

Are you surprised that you were voted out rather than Bakhtiyaar?

No frankly I wanted to get out, for he really wanted to play the game. And it's very important for a husband's pride to fight his own battles. He was earlier hamstrung because of me. Now that he is free I just hope that he gives them good, it will also make for good TRPs.

Bakhtiyaar's birthday falls tomorrow?

I request India to pray for Bhakityaar for he is living with such bad people.

Even you were playing games?

This house is such that you can't play games 24*7, your mask has to fall off, just as Rohit and Poonam's true characters came out. I was what I was.

Good you took names, talk a bit about Rohit?

Honestly I don't want to give too much attention to him, he needs a shrink to find out why is he behaving like this. He tried to ruin my reputation just for a game. That's not done. Even if he wins I don't care for he will not have a single true friend. I just hope he disappears.

Poonam ji?

It's quite sad that a lady who claims to do so many prayers can be so weak eared. Could she not have just come up to me and asked what the matter was.

Ismail Darbar said that he was unhappy with you ,for you left your young son behind?
Who is he to tell me how to lead my life?

Your take on Vindoo?

He is a quite dumb and goes on talking. His behavior with Sherlyn was just not acceptable. He should understand that his father has a big reputation in the industry which he should uphold.

You pulled Raju Shrivastav's shorts?

Did they show that? God! But come on when you come to a pool party, you should have brains enough to wear something underneath. We were so embarrassed, after it happened that we ran away. Having said, that, he took it quite sportingly.

Among all the lot who would you call your friends?

I have made two very good friends in this house, they are Shamita and Aditi. It seems last year no contestants got close to anybody. Hence the fact that I have made not one but two friends shows that I am special.

What will happen next?

After targeting me, they will now move on to Bakhtiyaar, Shamita and Aditi. All the good people are being systematically eliminated.

Who will win?

I don't care. These people are in it, only for the money, which can be earned by other dignified ways as well. The acid test would be 6 months down the road when we will see who has more work!

Will you return via the Wild card?

Yes I want to get back and I will. This time I will go fully prepared and play the game, with gusto, I will really give it back. It's paramount that good triumphs for otherwise the message will go out that such kind of trash behavior is acceptable.

I want to slap Rohit Verma: Tanaaz Currim

I want to slap Rohit Verma: Tanaaz Currim

Popular TV actress Tanaaz Currim, the latest contestant to be evicted out of reality show “Bigg Boss 3″ is so angry with co-participant, fashion designer Rohit Verma, that she wants to “go back and slap him”.

“Rohit has enraged me so much with his attitude and backbiting on the show that I really want to go back and slap him for ruining my name,” Tanaaz, who was evicted Friday, told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

While Verma, Tanaaz and her husband Bakhtiyaar, who too is on the show, were good friends in the initial episodes, they didn’t gel well later on.

“I am amazed to know what all he (Verma) said behind our backs. What is he? Who is he? He says he is a well-known fashion designer, but he should see what he’s wearing. I’ll be obliged to know another person who wears Rohit Verma creations other than Rohit himself,” said Tanaaz.

“There is not one thing to like about him. What can I like about him?,” she added.

The actress, known for her light-hearted performances in shows like “Zaban Sambhal Ke” and films like “Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai” and “Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon”, was evicted from the show Friday. She was nominated along with Bakhtiyaar.

Now she wants to go back to the show as a wildcard entry “to put people in their places”.

“I am hopeful about re-entering the show through a wildcard entry so that I can teach them a lesson. They really need to be put in their places,” she said.

According to Tanaaz, every person should “experience the show at least once - but just once”.

Tanaaz had arguments and a difference of opinion because of her outspoken ways with many people on the show. But she doesn’t feel it has harmed her public image in any way.

“The show has shown me as a stronger person - the way I am. Till now, everyone knew of Tanaaz as the bubbly girl who likes a lot of comedy, but this show proved that I’m not just about comedy - I have a heart, a soul, a mind. And I am quite well-settled with it all.

“I also think that’s what made people jealous. They were scared I will win and that’s why there was so much backbiting,” she added.

Now that she is out, she plans to make up for her lost time with her one and a half-year-old son Zeus and also go on a crash diet to lose weight.

She hopes that her husband Bakhtiyaar stays on the show and that “he wins

Friday, November 13, 2009

Raju has the last laugh

Raju has the last laugh

His jokes and antics have people rolling in laughter but comedian Raju Shrivastava had the last laugh on Friday. A judge at a civil court in Dindoshi court ruled in favour of the comedian and passed an order refusing a motion from a television production and broadcast firm, TV Vision, to evict Shrivastava from the Colors reality show Bigg Boss 3.

Represented by law firm Khaitan & Jayakar and DT Gandhi, TV Vision, claimed that Shrivastava was first liable to fulfill the contract he signed with them and would have to honour it, which would mean he would have to leave the Bigg Boss house. The comedian was represented by his lawyer Ameet Naik of Naik Naik & Co who ensured that the comedian continues to remain a participant on the show until, of course, he is voted out.

The motion was refused as the contract between Shrivastava and TV Vision was not an exclusive one. It also happened to have a provision that allowed the comedian to participate in other shows that did not compete with that particular show. Despite the numerous ads and promotions of Big Boss 3 TV Vision moved the court only after the show went on air.

In the July 29 deal, it was stated that Shrivastava was to shoot for a show for 10 days every month starting November 1. TV Vision claimed that since the participants of Bigg Boss had to remain inside the said house till they were voted out, he would not be able to fulfill his commitment. This would lead to financial losses for TV Vision and also delay the launch of its channel Mastiii, for which Shrivastava had committed.

Tanaaz evicted from 'Bigg Boss' house

Tanaaz evicted from 'Bigg Boss' house

Television actress Tanaaz Currim was Friday evicted from reality show 'Bigg Boss' through public voting.

Tanaaz, best remembered for her role in comedy show 'Zaban Sambhal Ke', the Indian version of 'Mind Your Language', was nominated for eviction along with her husband Bakhtiyaar Irani, but got more votes in her name.

Tanaaz had a tough time dealing with her 'Bigg Boss' co-contestants due to her temperament. She also had constant arguments with Bakhtiyaar.

She hugged Bakhtiyaar while leaving the 'Bigg Boss' house and told him to 'be good'.

'Bigg Boss', the Indian version of international reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother', is currently in its third season. In the show, 13 celebrities are locked up inside a secluded house for 84 days and kept under constant camera surveillance without any contact with the outside world. The show airs on Colors channel.

Kamaal Khan prefers living a lavish life

Kamaal Khan prefers living a lavish life

Even during the release of his movie, ‘Desh Drohi’, Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) did not receive that much publicity, what he received from Bigg Boss 3. Viewers wanted him on the show for fun and entertainment. But when things went out of control, Bigg Boss had to step in and oust him from the show. But Kamal Khan believes that he planned his own expulsion and has no regrets.

He wants to keep a balance between both saving and spending money. Kamaal Khan likes credit cards since it is easy to carry. His financial affairs are looked after by both himself and the employees.

Kamaal Khan was on born on May 20, 1975 in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh. He left home at an early age and reached Mumbai in order to become a film actor.

After he failed to materialise his dream, he started both garment as well as construction business. Since then no looking back, as he made most of his money from the construction business.

He made his debut in 2005 when he produced the movie, ‘Sitam’ and also wrote the lyrics for it. He produced, directed and acted in several low budget Hindi and Bhojpuri films. However, he shot into news again with his controversial movie, ‘Desh Drohi’. The film generated a lot of controversy . He will soon make a movie titled, ‘Desh Drohi 2’, which will be based on 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

Kamal is leading a lavish lifestyle and he claims to be living in a 21,000 sq ft house. He said he gets his milk from Holland, water from France and tea from London. Now, he is running a garment business having a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore, along with his brothers, exporting to Gulf countries and United Kingdom.

Do you prefer to save or spend money?
Yes, I want to keep a balance between the two.

How much money do you usually carry in your pocket ?
Between Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000.

Do you prefer a credit card?
Yes, since it is easy to carry as well as one can pay leasurely.

Have you invested in property?
I have a family business on garments in Mumbai, which is managed by me as well as by my four brothers.

Do you dabble in shares ?
I don’t know the meaning of share.

Which Is your best investment?
Ladies garments, which are exported to Gulf countries and United Kingdom.

Your worst ?
Yet to come.

Have you ever had a hard time ?
In 90’s when I was just having Rs 300, that I earned while I worked during my school days.

What is the lesson you have learnt about money ?
Don’t hold money. Invest on any business, which can be handled by you properly.

What are your future plans?
I will be starting Desh Drohi-2 from November 20 this year and then I will start on a feature film, based on the life of Aarushi, whose title is ‘‘Aarushi, the love story.

Last day of task at Bigg Boss

Last day of task at Bigg Boss

It’s the last day of the task and everyone is performing their duties with precision. After all, this task will fetch them maximum points and a luxurious budget and Malika-e-Aditi isn’t complaining either! The last couple of weeks have brought turmoil into Bhakhtyar and Tannaz’s relationship but Ismail’s hand grenade power has forced them to spend time together –they have to be each other’s shadow for one week. Today, the couple is speculating the reasons that led to their nomination.

Meanwhile it seems Raju has pledged to entertain the housemates with his funny antics every day. Today he is in a ‘Haryanvi Daroga’ avatar and amuses the housemates with his rustic Haryanvi one liners. On the other hand, Vindu, Rohit and Vinod decide to play a prank on Raju– Rohit begins to flirt and hit on Raju and follows him everywhere, soon Vindu and Vinod joins him and start teasing Raju. Looks like Raju got a taste of his own medicine.

As the day progresses, the entertainers– Claudia and Vinod perform an item number for Malika-e-Aditi! More than Aditi, it is Rohit who seems to be impressed with Claudia and Vinod’s performance –after they finish performing he starts dancing and entertains the housemates. Later, Vindu hints to Pravesh indirectly that since he is fairly new in the house he will be eliminated soon. Rohit overhears their conversation but keeps mum.

Towards the evening Bigg Boss declares the end of the weekly task. On hearing this, Aditi gets back to her normal self and thanks each and every housemate for taking good care of her as well as making her feel special.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Towards late evening, Tannaz finally bursts out after many arguments and fights with Bhakhtyar in the past few days. On seeing Tannaz’s behavior, the housemates speculate her actions and conclude its time that either she or Bhakhtyar leave the Bigg Boss house. As the day comes to a close, Tannaz and Aditi are the topic of discussion for the housemates and they continue bitching about them. How will Bhakhtyar react to Tannaz’s sudden outburst? Is Pravesh the next target for Vindu?

Tanaaz-Bhakhtiyar's fights are not scripted

Tanaaz-Bhakhtiyar's fights are not scripted

Tanaaz and Bhakhtiyar Irani's marital discord is for all to see in the ongoing Bigg Boss reality show. The couple have been nominated for eviction this weekend, as the housemates seem to be tired of their constant fights.

Bhakhtiyar does not hesitate to rain down abusive language on his wife, and show his frustration. Tanaaz, however, seems to be the more mature and diplomatic of the two, and does not lose her temper that easily. But the tears don't stop.

The question is: Is this a charade for Bigg Boss to pick up more TRPs or is the marriage really in trouble?

Bhakhtiyar's sister Delnaz Paul -- a television actress -- tells that the fights are not scripted.

"They are playing a decent and truthful game. It's not scripted and they're not acting. You cannot be fake 24/7," Delnaz says.

"My brother is very short-tempered and straightforward," she explains. "He calls a spade a spade and does not take shit from others. He kept this cool for quite some time and it's high time that he gives it back. I don't mind either of them getting evicted. But given a choice, I would like Bhakhtiyar to stay back. I want him to teach a lesson to people who are back-stabbing and bitching about them in the name of friendship. If he doesn't get evicted, he will definitely give them a piece of mind and will come out with flying colours."

She adds that diplomacy -- that Tanaaz has in bagfuls -- doesn't work in the show. "The show is not about talent or judgement. Being diplomatic doesn't work here. People, who are bitching about them or making fun of them, are not going to feed them or help them when they come out," she says.

Delnaz and Rajiv Paul"Tanaaz has conducted herself very well on the show," Delnaz adds. "I will give full credit to her for being calm and diplomatic. Obviously with more experience than Bhakhtiyar, she knows how to handle people and situations. If she doesn't get evicted, she will also do well in the show."

But if the fights are scripted, isn't Bhakhtiyar's behaviour shocking? "When you live together in a house for 24 hours and 40 days, it is bound to happen," Delnaz justifies. "Both of them need their space. Real life situations are not the same as that in Bigg Boss. Because of the problems in the house, there is a feeling of discomfort and that is taking a toll on both of them."

She clarifies that the couple are not, in fact, heading for a split.

"Both of them have been in the industry for quite some time and know that it's just a reality TV show, and they should forget everything once the show is over. They are mature individuals. Even if there is some problem that has been shown in the show, it will be sorted out because they have a child to take care of. The pressure in the house is harming their relationship. But that's temporary," she said.

Delnaz's husband Rajiv Paul agrees with her. "You cannot judge a person by watching a five minute capsule out of 24 hours. He is fighting with his wife like any other husband does, so why make such a big deal out of it? Anyone locked in the house for 40 days would behave like him because there is so much of pressure. I am not taking his side but people, who are doing psycho-analysis should be tested first," he says.

Love, jealously, bitching all in Bigg Boss house

Love, jealously, bitching all in Bigg Boss house

It’s the second day of the task today but the enthusiasm of the housemates has not waned. They are all up early and start preparing for their daily chores. Malika Aditi Govitrikar wakes up at her time and is surprised by the wake up alarm. As we have been seeing the housemates are dressed in uniforms to serve our ‘Malika Aditi’ the inmates get innovative with their look. Claudia Ciesla experiments with her hair and the German Kudi takes all the attention away!

Of course, her admirer Pravesh Rana without wasting time complements her. But the increasing attraction between Pravesh and Claudia is not taken down well with Vindu and Raju. Looks like insecurity is creeping in! Are we expecting a love triangle? Or in this case a love quadrangle?

Finally Bhakhtyar and Pravesh break the ice and talk like boys! Pravesh even apologizes to Shamita Shetty for misunderstanding her. Rohit and Raju bitch about Aditi ruining the task and that the luxury budget could be a dream. Will Aditi be able to do justice with her title?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shamita to save Tanaaz-Bakhtiyaar

Shamita to save Tanaaz-Bakhtiyaar

The ever-quarrelling couple of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house- Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar Irani seem to have found a lifeline of sorts, thanks to Shamita Shetty.

According to reports, the duo that was nominated for eviction by the housemates this week, might not have to go out of the house after all, as Shamita Shetty (whose sister Shilpa is set for holy matrimony) might opt out this Friday in lieu of her sister’s wedding.

It is believed that Shamita has made up her mind is set to move out, giving the husband-wife team a respite. Sources suggest that Shamita’s acquittal will come as a voluntary exit and whether she will come back or not remains still a question.

Pravesh Rana makes Claudia learn Hindi

Pravesh Rana makes Claudia learn Hindi

Before she came on board Bigg Boss-3, Claudia was a sizzling German import known more for her skimpily clad shots on the beaches across the world than anything else.

Back home, Claudia to date is best known as Germany's Super Girl 2006 and soccer World Cup girl 2006. She landed in Bollywood to act with Salman Khan in a flop movie Marigold and later with Sushmita Sen in Karma before entering the Bigg Boss house.

Initially, it was thought that Claudia's presence would add glamour to the house with Shamita Shetty and Sherlyn Chopra already there. But the Bigg Boss knew she was meant for better things.

Now there is love in the air and the man she has eyes for is the hunky former Mr India, Pravesh Rana. Claudia is literally dancing to his tune and is so smitten by him that not only do the two speak the language of love but she is also learning his mother tongue Hindi so as to communicate with him easily.

Before Rana came to the house, all the occupants of the house tried hard to teach her Hindi, but in vein. Now it is all Hindi and love in the eyes for Claudia and Pravesh. They are the item for now on Bigg Boss.

Good time ahead for Claudia as she switches between demure traditional lover and hot lass in Bigg Boss because Bollywood loves that act.

Shilpa, Mom meet Bigg Boss team

Shilpa, Mom meet Bigg Boss team

Shamita, who couldn’t believe at first if Shilpa’s engagement news was true or false, is finally relieved after Shilpa and her mother sent a letter to Shamita in the Bigg Boss house.

As shown in previous episodes Shamita was informed about her sister’s engagement by the new entrant Pravesh. Since then she wanted to know the fact. Hence Shilpa and her mother decided to inform Shamita about it. A spokesperson from Bigg Boss said, “Bigg Boss did not inform Shamita about it because it’s against the rules. Shilpa and her mother had a meeting with Bigg Boss team and decided to inform Shamita about the engagement. They wrote a letter and sent sweets to her.”

Buzz is that Shilpa is hoping to spend a few days with Shamita before she ties the knot. But we wonder if Shamita will be allowed to attend her sister’s wedding? When asked whether Shilpa has requested Bigg Boss to allow Shamita to be out and attend her D- day a Bigg Boss spokesperson said, “No we haven’t received any information regarding this. Shilpa hasn’t spoken to us about it. Shamita will be in the house till she is eliminated.”

Now if Shamita wants to attend her sister’s wedding, she has to hope, wish and pray that she is eliminated as that’s the only way out to her happiness.

Katrina is a modern day marvel: Big B

Katrina is a modern day marvel: Big B

Bachchan, who caught up with actors Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif on the sets of reality show Bigg Boss 3 recently, is all praise for the latter and says she is a "modern day marvel".

"Katrina is a modern day marvel. From a non-Hindi speaking young shy and uncertain lady of Boom', she has grown and grown to become one of the most desired actresses in our fraternity," Amitabh posted on his blog.

While Amitabh hosts the reality show, Ranbir and Katrina had appeared to promote their film Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

"They (Ranbir and Katrina) were charming and involved and sweet. Ranbir as you all know is related to me. His cousin - son of Rishi Kapoor's elder sister - is married to my daughter Shweta," he said.

Shamita Shetty bids adieu to Bigg Boss

Shamita Shetty bids adieu to Bigg Boss

This is the time when Shamita Shetty’s family needs her the most, as big sister Shilpa will not get married without her.

Bigg Boss 3 participant Shamita gets an emotional letter from her home and comes to know about her sister’s Shilpa Shetty’s engagement and soon-to-happen wedding.

So the girl is expected to leave Bigg Boss, even though she is not the one who is nominated for the eviction. This week it’s the notorious couple Tanaaz Currim and Bakhtiyar Irani in the expulsion list.

However, the main decision lies with the channel. According to reports, Shamita will take voluntary exit and thus couple will be saved from going out of the show ensuring some more backbiting and bickering.

While for the rest of the drama, wait till the curtain rises as the channel is expected to take the decision today.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I was getting bored in 'Bigg Boss': Ismail Darbar

I was getting bored in 'Bigg Boss': Ismail Darbar

Music director Ismail Darbar says he is extremely happy after being evicted out of reality show 'Bigg Boss' as he had begun to get bored inside the house.

'I am maha khush (extremely happy) to be out of 'Bigg Boss'. I was starting to get very bored inside, especially with my broken hand as I couldn't do much,' Darbar told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

The music director, who gave music for movies like 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' and 'Devdas', was nursing a hand injury that he suffered while playing pool volleyball on the reality show. He says he really missed his wife at that point.

'I really missed my wife on the show, especially when my hand broke. Once earlier also, I had injured my hand and that time she took a lot of care of me. She didn't let me do a thing. And here I was on this show, absolutely alone. I wasn't liking it,' he said.

Darbar was in the 'Bigg Boss' house with over 10 celebrities including Poonam Dhillon, Raju Srivastava, Tanaaz Currim, Bakhtiyaar Irani, Shamita Shetty, et al. But he was most friendly with wrestler-actor Dara Singh's son Vindu.

'I used to like sitting and talking to Vindu. I felt he was the most sane person there. A lot of people thought he was arrogant...but everyone has a negative point in them or an extraordinary quality in them. I felt he was balanced,' he said.

Darbar was also seen as a calm person on the show unlike many other participants who often engaged in verbal abuse. Asked what motivated him to remain as a silent player, Darbar said: 'I didn't think anyone in the house was worth fighting with. There was no point. My thought process couldn't match with most of the people so it was better to stay away.'

Now the composer is excited about spending time with his wife and two kids. He will also get back to work soon as he has to work on two pending films - one in Tamil and the other an Iranian project.

Aditi becomes Mallika on Bigg Boss

Aditi becomes Mallika on Bigg Boss

Everyone enjoys attention especially when one doesn’t have to lift a finger for anything! Here we are talking about the new weekly task ‘Malika-e-Bigg Boss’. As per the task, Aditi Govitrikar is the Malika and the rest of the housemates have to take over the chores along with the responsibility of entertaining the Malika. Well Looks like someone’s enjoying all the attention. Lucky you Aditi! Don’t blame the inmates if they are not happy with the task, but the reward for this will be a luxury budget that they cannot let go.

So they are all geared up for the task and to look after Aditi. The chores are well defined; Claudia Ciesla and Vinod entertain Aditi during the morning tea. Bhakhtyar and Pravesh Rana are the chefs but most of the housemates help them in cooking. Aditi’s best pal Shamita is her caretaker and both of them are found bitching about the housemates most of the times. Meanwhile our new Jailor and Reporter Raju make the atmosphere fun filled with his ongoing comment. Things are not that rosy between the couple these days. Tanaaz and Bhakhtyar have been going through the rough patches quite often these days. This time it is their nomination that has resulted in a rift.

Bitching has become the staple diet of the Bigg Boss house and everyone who comes here gets addicted to this diet. The latest addition to the bitching circuit is none other than the hunk Pravesh. With his love blooming with Claudia on one side, Pravesh bonds with the other housemates by bitching with them!

Soon Bigg Boss summons Aditi in the confession room and reminds her that the housemates have to perform only those jobs given to them, they cannot help each other. She informs all the housemates about this who are not very happy. They decide not to think about it much and enjoy the task to the fullest. In the evening, Raju reports the evening bulletin and the Queen’s loyal servants present the entertainment act for her. With the housemates putting in so much hard work for the task, will they finally be able to earn their luxury budget?

Baktiyaar & Tanaaz marriage on the rocks

Baktiyaar & Tanaaz marriage on the rocks

The day started early for all the housemates as they had to prepare in advance for the Queen of the house i.e. Aditi as part of their weekly task. All the ladies of the Bigg Boss house were dressed in saris while the men were formally dressed in black and white shirt, trousers and waistcoats.

The couple Baktiyaar and Tanaaz’s daily tiff has sadly taken a bad turn. Tanaaz gives the other Bigg Boss housemates time, but her husband Baktiyaar misunderstands it, as that her love for him is decreasing. She tries her best to justify her actions and reinforce her love for him, but he doesn’t look convinced. He even goes to the extent of saying that he is mentally, physically and emotionally tired of her and as soon as he gets out of this house he has something planned up for their relationship.

Tanaaz then tries to be extra sweet to Baktiyaar so that he cools down. She purposely does her typical love talk to him, which seems downright artificial. She even discusses the topic with Shamita, who tells her that they should fight less, as the whole Bigg Boss house and the country is watching them.

Pravesh and Shamita have a small tiff, which escalates into a big issue. Shamita is upset and complains about it to Vindu, who agrees with her. Whereas Pravesh goes and complains to Raju about the whole issue and Raju also agrees with him, that Shamita is quiet high-handed. Then Vindu and Raju discuss the whole issue and Vindu is worried that he doesn’t want to become the agony aunt of the whole Bigg Boss house.

Pravesh and Claudia spend some quality time together in the garden in which Pravesh tries his best to woo her, and he even goes to the extent of saying that while they were in the jail, then she tortured him there.

Claudia Ciesla and Pravesh Rana get romantic

Claudia Ciesla and Pravesh Rana get romantic

Love is in the air in Bigg Boss’s house. Romance seems to be brewing between former Mr India Pravesh Rana and German model Claudia Ciesla who has been the centre of male attention in the house since day one.

Pravesh hasn’t wasted a moment to make an impression on Claudia since he stepped into the house on November 6. He was quick to compliment Claudia: “You look really beautiful when you smile.”

Soon the two got immersed in an animated chat and were sent to the Bigg Boss jail for talking in English, which is against the rule of the house. But being jailed was less of punishment and more of fun for the duo.

Given the golden chance, Pravesh did not miss it to woo Claudia. He sang love songs, joked, and made predictions about Claudia’s future love life, much to the amusement of the German bombshell.

Apparently, Claudia is showing more interest in Pravesh than she has in any other man on the show so far. Kamaal Khan tried to woo her but was booted out of the house. The much-married Bhaktiyar Irani too couldn’t stir her heart with his romantic overtures.

Now, as Claudia and Pravesh get friendly and romantic, Bigg Boss 3 is becoming more interesting.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Romance in the air for Pravesh & Claudia

Romance in the air for Pravesh & Claudia

The episode starts with Rohit lamenting why he nominated Sheryl, and then he bitches about Tanaaz to Poonam.

Shamita gets a letter and sweets from her family with details about her sister Shilpa’s wedding. She is touched and starts crying on reading the letter from her family.

Meanwhile on the other hand there is something brewing between the new entry in the Bigg Boss house, Pravesh and the german Claudia. He shows off his exercise moves to Claudia and asks her to emulate him. Then through the day, they both keep on conversing in English, which is banned by the Bigg Boss house. Finally they are called into the confession room by Bigg Boss, and both are sent to jail for this mistake.

Then both of them are locked up in the jail, where the romance continues. Pravesh reads Claudia’s hand and forecasts her future. Some other games are also played by both of them in the jail. Then Claudia also dances like an item to a song.

Raju meanwhile says that, all this is done purposely by Pravesh so that his romance with Claudia can blossom in the close confines of the jail. And then there is an agitation in the Bigg Boss house where the contestants protest the lack of milk in the house.

Meanwhile Bigg Boss gives a new task to the housemates where they are going to do a news report of all the happenings in the Bigg Boss house. Vindu acts as the cameraman and Raju acts as the news reporter.

All the Bigg Boss housemates complete with a lavish and a huge cake, personalized tee shirts and other party effects celebrated Rohit’s birthday in style.

Claudia Ciesla goes to jail for speaking in English, on Bigg Boss 3

Claudia Ciesla goes to jail for speaking in English, on Bigg Boss 3

On Sunday's episode, Pravesh and Claudia are chatting in English in the absence of our jailer Shamita Shetty. Bigg Boss calls both of them in the confession room and announces that they have to go jail…. The jail term includes the mandatory Chakki and flour requirement.

Towards the evening, we see Raju and Pravesh (who is still in jail) doing mimicry and singing in the garden area.

The tradition of Bigg Boss news carries forward from the last season with a camera and mike being sent into the house. Raju and Vindu play out the roles of reporter and cameramen respectively.

Late in the evening Bigg Boss calls Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar in the confession room to launch the countdown to Rohit's birthday. As a build up to the event the housemates must ignore Rohit till further notice from Bigg Boss.

It's midnight and the housemates get into action to celebrate Rohit's birthday.

When will Claudia and Pravesh be released from jail? Will housemates be able to throw Rohit a good surprise birthday party?

Johny refused ‘Bigg Boss 3’

Johny refused ‘Bigg Boss 3’

Not many people know that comedian Johny Lever was approached to be one of the participants for Bigg Boss 3.

free bird Johny Lever Confirming the news to Metrolife, he says, “Yes, they had come to me with the offer of being a part of the show, but I refused.”

Rumour has it that he was not happy with the kind of remuneration that was offered to him, but denying all that he adds, “Nothing like that, I just can’t see myself locked up in a house for almost three months with strangers. Even thinking about it scares me. All those participants are really great for making such an attempt.”

Aditi Govitrikar sent to ‘Jail’ in Bigg Boss3

Aditi Govitrikar sent to ‘Jail’ in Bigg Boss3

The latest buzz in Bigg Boss 3 is the punishment of Aditi Govitrikar who has been sent to Bigg Boss jail for violating game rules.

Jailor Shamita Shetty punished her for speaking in English. Bigg Boss had given Shamita the power to send any one who breaks the rule of not talking in Hindi to jail.

While the intrigues in Bigg Boss continued, Aditi was unlucky to spend time in ‘Jail’.
She had to do the Chakki, probably the toughest task in her life. Shamita was disconsolate but she could do little but obey the rules given by Bigg Boss.

Friday will be an eventful day as it is the day for eviction of one person from the show. Tanaaz, Bhakthiyar, Vindu and Ismail have been nominated on eviction list.

There will be more action as Mr. India title holder Pravesh Rana will make a wild card entry into Bigg Boss. Also there is one more entry. It could be Rajesh Khanna or Sherlyn Chopra.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ismail Darbar voted out, Vinod Kambli enters Bigg Boss as a postman

Ismail Darbar voted out, Vinod Kambli enters Bigg Boss as a postman

Bigg Boss3 today’s episode has voted out Ismail Darbar and Vinod Kambali has entered in the big boss house as a postman who was having the message that ‘who is safe’. Amitabh Bachchan has announced the result of Ismail Darbar elimination.

Before leaving the home Ismail Darbar has chosen Tanaz and Bakhtiyaar to remain close to each other for next one week.

Well Kambli’s entry in the house was quite interesting to watch as he comes with a sports background. He was quite relaxed and was wearing uniform of a postmaster. He has added spice to the show, the Big Boss house members given a warm welcome to him and hugged and greet him nicely.

As no one else in the house has been associated with sports, so Kambli bought a new element with him .He also cracked a joke and said that he is here for IPL team selection instead of announcing elimination result.

Shamita Shetty to quit Bigg Boss

Shamita Shetty to quit Bigg Boss

Shilpa Shetty has finally set her wedding date. She and Raj Kundra will tie the knot on November 22. Shilpa will make the announcement on on Bigg Boss 3 and ask Shamita Shetty to attend her marriage by quitting the show. Sources close to the show reveal that Shamita will portray to be in a Catch 22 situation and finally decide to attend her sister's marriage leaving the show.

Shilpa Shetty who has hosted Bigg Boss in its second season is rumoured to have struck a deal with the producers of the show to let her sister out of the show. The entire episode will be themed around the marriage announcement and even the reactions of the house mates will be show. Wonder who had said reality shows were real?

Shamita Shetty puts Aditi behind bars

Shamita Shetty puts Aditi behind bars

All those of you who have been following ‘Bigg Boss Trithiya’ intently are sure to have heard of the contest being run by the channel which would allow one lucky common man to be chosen from amongst the millions residing in this country to participate in the Bigg Boss house with the celebrities.

Well, that one lucky man has been chosen and he is about to make his entry...or should we say Pravesh in the Bigg Boss house on this Friday! This lucky entrant happens to be one gorgeous hunk of a guy hailing from Meerut and Delhi and who goes by the name - Pravesh Rana.

Speaking of back-stabbing celebrities, Bigg Boss seems to have become one big apology session these days with Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar going all around the house clearing their reasons for nominating others after the open nominations. Bakhtiyaar even manages to iron out issues between him and Rohit. However, only time will tell if all these efforts will work or will Vindu and Ismail turn out to be the lucky ones without trying too hard.

While Tannaz and hubby are busy worrying about nominations, Claudia has some other worries entirely. After being asked to speak only in Hindi in the Bigg Boss house, Claudia has been working hard and studying hard to master the language. She now starts her days with practicing Hindi and tries to speak as much of the language as possible, great dedication girl. We think once she masters her Hindi, she could even try her hand at some Bollywood films!

While trysts with Hindi are on, Shamita, the other pretty lady who has been punished time and again for not speaking in Hindi, is made the jailor and is asked to monitor everyone. Her only task - to reprimand anyone who speaks in English and throw him or her in jail!

However, the sweet little thing that Shamita is, she doesn’t impose these rules of her task too seriously and is scolded by Bigg Boss for that.

However, she finally ends up finding her first offender - Aditi. Although she puts her pal Aditi in jail for speaking in English, she’s absolutely ill at ease once she finds out that Aditi is not allowed to take cooked food in there and has to churn her own flour to make rotis for dinner!

The very apologetic Shamita tries to make amends and ends up breaking down in the confession room before Bigg Boss. But on the other side, pretty woman Aditi takes her jailing in good humour and says she’s quite enjoying her experience in jail, that’s the way to go Mrs. India! We knew you could do it!

With all this excitement of new entrants and interesting nominations, the show is only getting more and more exciting and already has us on the edge of our seats. We’re definitely going to stay clued in to know more about Pravesh while at the same time rooting for our favourite nominees. So who are we voting out? Now that’s a secret!

Ranbir and Katrina appear on Bigg Boss

Ranbir and Katrina appear on Bigg Boss

Every week or the other one sees biggies from the Bollywood industry marking its presence in Bigg Boss season 3. This time it’s going to be the much talked duo, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif promoting Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. “They will be seen in the coming episode of Bigg Boss where they would chat and interact with the contestants as well as Big B,” chirps the little birdie.

Elaborating more on their presence, our source adds, “Ranbir and Kat also held the press meet where they interacted with media and openly talked about their film as well as their friendship too.” “For the first time they were seen answering the question without any hesitation. Also the inmates of the house were excited to see the duo and had a gala time with them.

The best moment was when these two were interacting with Mr Bachchan. All together it was a fun to see them and know their ajab gajab chit chat on their up coming flick,” concludes the source. So get ready to watch the duo as they laugh and enjoy coming this weekend on Colors.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Television Synopsis Bigg Boss 3

Television Synopsis Bigg Boss 3

There “Ain’t No Sunshine’ in Tanaaz and Bhakhtyar’s life this morning as their day beings with a heated argument. We have been seeing that the couple is hardly spending time with each other which now seems to be annoying Bhakhtyar. Looks like the love bird’s need some time off!

Your browser may not support display of this image.Your browser may not support display of this image.It’s the second day of the task and everyone seems to be enthusiastic about the second part of the movie. Unexpected, Bigg Boss calls Raju in the confession room and tells him that the story is not very impressive and the team has to rework on the entire script and present a fresh story. This is a second chance given to the housemates by Bigg Boss as their weekly task score still remains zero. Raju then decides to discuss the reasons of the flop script with everyone in person trying to figure the loop holes. The housemates take the feedback positively and get back to discussing the new script.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Further we have a new jailor in the Bigg Boss house and it is none other than Shamita Shetty! It is Shamita’s newly assigned task by Bigg Boss wherein she has to keep a close watch on the housemates and stop them from speaking English. But the lot in the house doesn’t seem to budge. The housemates continue to speak in English when Shamita is not around. But nothing is hidden from the eyes of Bigg Boss; he summons Shamita to take her role seriously as the housemates are breaking the rules.

Claudia too is taking her Hindi lessons quite seriously. Yesterday Bigg Boss warned Claudia to start learning Hindi soon or else she will be sent to jail. Claudia takes this task sincerely and makes a point to learn Hindi every morning. Now that’s what we call dedication!

The housemates are still not over the open nominations that took place this Monday. Post Tanaaz and Bhakhtyar’s nomination we have seen them trying hard to clear their side with everyone by apologizing. Bhakhtyar takes some time off and tries to clear the misunderstanding between him and Rohit.

Claudia to be sent to jail in Bigg Boss 3

Claudia to be sent to jail in Bigg Boss 3

After a dreadful and terrible Monday morning, things are returning to normal in the Bigg Boss house. We see Tanaaz going to Ismail and asking for forgiveness. She tries to clear her side with most of the housemates. Ismail tells Tanaaz that forget the past and start a new beginning.

Later we see the housemates busy discussing the script for their task. Meanwhile Raju, Vindu and Ismail talk about the fact that they will be remembered for playing games in the Bigg Boss House. Further in we will see Bakhtiyaar and Vindu talking to each other and patching up. Moreover Bhatiyar also seeks advice from Vindu.

Meanwhile the housemates rehearse for their task which is scheduled for evening. Though the atmosphere seems calm at the surface, backbiting still continues.

Later, Bigg Boss announces that on account of Guru Nanak Jayanti the housemates will have to prepare Kheer and the housemates are quite happy on hearing this. Subsequently, Bigg Boss announces the daily task where Shamita is the jailer and it is her duty to see that all housemates speak in hindi.

Bigg Boss informs Claudia that if she doesn't learn Hindi fast, she will be sent to jail. By the end of the day, the housemates are involved in doing the task, but Claudia is busy learning Hindi from Raju. The housemates too help her in learning Hindi.

Will Claudia be able to learn Hindi? What happens next in the Bigg Boss house? To find out more tune into Bigg Boss 3 only on Colors daily from 9-10 pm IST.

I turned to men in Big Boss house because of women: Sherlyn Chopra

I turned to men in Big Boss house because of women: Sherlyn Chopra

Fresh out of Bigg Boss 3 Sherlyn Chopra seems to have become a wiser person. She narrates her vivid experiences from the reality show in her recent blog:

When I first stepped in the house of Bigg Boss, little did I know that I would be a soft target for nomination. As a person, I’m an introvert. I like to keep to myself. I know that the real me is quite contrary to my brand image. When I was nominated for the first time, I was shocked. I thought that the house inmates must have randomly picked my name without having any valid reason for my nomination.

Initially, I could not relate to the female house inmates. Mostly they would talk about their families. And I had nothing to say about my family. May be because I have been living alone since I was a teenager.

When I realized that I wasn’t getting positive vibes from the ladies of the house, I turned to the men. I made friends with Kamal & Vindoo because I found them incredibly hilarious.

During the first two weeks, I indulged in gossip. I would make mockery of the character traits of the inmates, whom I didn’t get along well with. When I was nominated for the second time, I had an emotional breakdown, as I felt rejected and misunderstood.

I had asked Poonamji to explain to me as to why the ladies in the house were judgemental toward me. She explained to me that if I mingled with them and talked to them more often, probably they would not have felt that way.

Also, Poonamji said that I would have to express my love to the house inmates to be loved by all of them. After this heart-felt conversation with Poonamji, I decided to go out of my way to love the people in the house. And so, I started treating people with kindness and gentleness.

I derive great pleasure from doing domestic work. Whenever I found the house dirty, I would start cleaning and sweeping the entire house - the kitchen area, the dining area, the living area, girls’ bedroom and even boys’ bedroom.

The people in the house began to see changes in my behaviour and attitude. I truly hoped they would change their pre- conceived notions about me. But that didn’t happen.

I was nominated again for the third time.This time, I tried to analyze harder as to where I was going wrong. I then thought that perhaps the house inmates needed some more time to understand me. I was very confident that sooner or later the house inmates would stop nominating me.

But history repeated itself. I was nominated again for the fourth time. I just could not understand what was going wrong.

Later, on the day of eviction I was told by all the participants that I was made a scapegoat. They said that they chose to nominate me continuously as they had no other option. It was after I met Amitji on Aakhri Salaam that I got to know the true reasons for my nomination.

Most of the house inmates called me a fake person. They strongly felt that the change in my behaviour and attitude was superficial and not genuine. I could not control my tears, when I realized what a poor opinion they had of me.

Now that I’m out of the house of Big Boss, I feel, I was a misfit in the house, as I didn’t want to play games with human emotions. I didn’t want to be part of conversations that break the human spirit.

The experience from day one till the end of my journey was more or less like a roller coaster ride. I got to re-discover myself. And I’m glad that I connected with my inner-self.

The icing on the cake was when Amitji restored peace between my mother and me. However, I feel unless my mother, my sister, and I analyze the root cause of the animosity and the differences between us, the patch up will be very superficial.

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